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Improving the Sustainability of Ocean Ecosystems

The Sustainable Fisheries Group (SFG) was founded in 2006 by marine ecologist Steve Gaines and economist Chris Costello and is a collaboration between the Marine Science Institute and the Bren School of Environmental Science and Management. SFG develops innovative science and applies it to real-world challenges to improve the sustainability of marine resources and coastal communities. SFG utilizes diverse market approaches, bioeconomic modeling, and spatial analysis to improve the ecological and economic performance of fisheries and other ocean uses.

SFG's interdisciplinary team includes leaders in a variety of disciplines who collaborate to bridge gaps among science, policy, management and industry in addressing critical ocean problems.

SFG brings their broad expertise and intellectual capital to key partnerships with leading conservation organizations, local NGOs, government agencies and diverse stakeholder groups in order to implement our innovative solutions.

A core goal of SFG is to catalyze global fisheries reform using a suite of complementary and innovative approaches including rights-based management systems, conservation measures, and demand-side incentives.

To learn more check out this short video about our work:

Video credit: Ian Creelman, Aliya Rubinstein and Morgan Visalli

Photo credit: Scorpion fish header: Thomas Sharp/Marine Photobank