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Chuck Cook

The Nature Conservancy


Chuck, a 30-year veteran of The Nature Conservancy, is a marine and fisheries conservation practitioner that works in tropical and temperate ocean environments with a strong focus on fisheries reform and habitat protection. Over the past 15 years, Chuck has concentrated his efforts on improving the economic and environmental performance of the west coast groundfish fishery, anchoveta fishery in the Humboldt Current and coral reef fisheries in Indonesia and Micronesia. More recently, Chuck’s professional focus has been on the design, development and implementation of market and incentive based solutions to ocean and fishing concerns. Between 2007-2010, Chuck was the Project Leader for The Sustainable Fisheries Group at UCSB, where we encouraged the use of emerging market based tools that better align the economic interests of fishermen with the health of the ocean. Chuck earned his BS in 1974 from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in Animal Science and Husbandry. He earned his MS in 1977 from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville with a Major in Agricultural Biology, Minor in Ecology.

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