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Reniel B. Cabral

Postdoctoral Researcher

Ren received his BS, MS, and PhD in Physics from the University of the Philippines, Diliman. He then worked with marine scientists and several NGOs in the Philippines to develop decision support tools for coastal resource management. Ren has worked on ecological modeling of fish-fisher interactions, applying network theory to marine metapopulations, age and stage structured modeling, modeling fish aggregating devices, marine spatial planning, climate vulnerability assessment of coastal fishing communities, and agent-based modeling of various biological systems. Ren has collaborated on coastal governance and socioeconomic complexities in small-scale fisheries in the Philippines and most recently he worked as a consultant interacting with government agencies and NGOs in the Coral Triangle. While at SFG, Ren's research interests include ecosystem services analysis, biodiversity, fisheries, marine protected areas, marine spatial planning, and marine ecology. For more information, see Ren’s website.

Contact Information:
office: Bren Hall 3414
email: rcabral[at]