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Guidelines for TURF-Reserve Design and Management

Working closely with EDF and Rare, SFG is working to identify scientific guidelines to inform community-based TURF-Reserve design and management. Our team has developed fisheries trajectory models that can evaluate and compare how various management interventions, such as TURF or reserve size, fishing size limits and/or effort controls (or a combination of actions), impact the trajectory of a fish population over time. The model trajectories can then offer a comparative view of how individual fisheries may react over time to different design and management scenarios. These alternative trajectories can help to illuminate the potential trade-offs between management actions and identify management interventions that may provide the highest benefits to a community in the short or long term. Additionally, by examining all of the trajectories across sites and species, our team can identify patterns and extract rules of thumb to inform best practices for TURF-Reserve design and management.

We also have developed 3 TURF-Reserve case studies from Japan, Chile and Mexico that highlight where and how TURF-Reserves have been implemented across different contexts.

photo: Tagbilaran, Philippines, Owen Liu