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Tools to inform adaptive fisheries management

SFG is working to develop simplified and cost-effective tools to help communities sustainably manage their fisheries. Fisheries management is a fundamentally complex process, but broadly seeks to address two questions: 1) How healthy is the population of fish in the water and how sustainable is the current fishing pressure? and 2) Given that information, how should fishing practices be adjusted to best achieve stakeholder goals?

SFG is developing simple approaches to help communities answer these questions using data that are readily available, or are relatively easy and inexpensive to collect. One area of research that SFG is focused on is adapting and developing new data-limited stock assessment (DLSA) approaches which utilize inputs such as surveys of fish catches or underwater visual transects. While these methods do not provide precise estimates of total population size or biomass, they can provide relative indications about population status and whether or not fishing pressure is sustainable. In parallel, SFG is developing a framework to help local fishery managers and leaders use these indicators to adaptively manage fisheries regulations and move their communities towards having sustainable, productive, and profitable fisheries.


photo: Cortes, Philippines, Michaela Clemence