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Bermuda near-shore marine spatial planning

Bermuda is the eighth-most densely populated country in the world, with an additional half a million tourists visiting the country annually. As a result, their coastal resources have become widely exploited and their near shore waters have become increasingly crowded. To address these challenges, the Bermudan government has prioritized near-shore marine spatial planning to promote sustainable resource use. This context provides a good opportunity to apply our relevant expertise in MPA design, spatial fisheries management, and analyzing tradeoffs among competing ocean uses. Marine spatial planning in the near-shore zone would complement current efforts focused on protecting the outer EEZ and high seas initiatives, led by the Pew Foundation and the Sargasso Sea Alliance, respectively. By implementing a comprehensive MPA and zoning network that reaches from the coast into international waters, Bermuda has the potential to serve as a global model of responsible ocean stewardship.

Photo credit: Bermuda coast: Alisan Amrhein