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Education and Outreach

We are committed to engaging students and the community in our work. We realize that effective communication and outreach is essential to maximizing the impact of our science and ensuring the success of our on-the ground projects.

Housed within the Bren School at UCSB, we have access to top students emerging in the field. Our team is actively involved in the Bren community, instructing courses, advising Group Projects for Masters students, and overseeing the Latin American Fisheries Fellowship Program.

Click below to watch a short video created by Bren MESM Students which showcases SFG’s research.


The video was created as part of the Environmental Media Production class at Bren which aims to give students experience in interviewing, filming, and editing video footage. The class is part of a series of courses focused on strategic environmental communication, giving students the skills to communicate effectively and strategically around environmental issues in a variety of media. The Strategic Environmental Communication focus is a joint initiative between the Bren School and UCSB Carsey-Wolf Center.

The goal of this project was to highlight some of the exciting research being done at Bren, and SFG’s approach is exemplary of Bren's mission to foster interdisciplinary collaboration in solving complex environmental problems.

Video created by Bren MESM students: Ian Creelman, Aliya Rubinstein and Morgan Visalli