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Bren Group Projects

The Group Project is a signature of the the Master of Environmental Science and Management (MESM) program at the Bren School of Environmental Science & Management. Serving as the master's thesis, the Group Project is a core component of the curriculum that prepares students for careers as solution-oriented environmental professionals. Each Group Project has four to six students, who work with their faculty advisor, the project’s stakeholders, and other professionals to tackle an environmental problem.

The Sustainable Fisheries Group has been involved in mentoring several Group Projects within the Coastal Marine Resources Management specialization at the Bren School.

Below is a list of the projects in which SFG has been involved:

A Decision Support Framework for Designing Territorial Use Rights for Fishing


Group Members: Jennifer Macy, Kaia Joye Moyer, Rodrigo Oyanedel, Salvador Rodriguez Van Dyck, Keith Shattenkirk

Faculty Advisor: Christopher Costello

Client: Environmental Defense Fund



Strategy of the Commons: Creating a Worldwide Database of Territorial Use Rights Fisheries to Determine Appropriate Contexts for Implementation


Group Members: Gina Auriemma, Kristen Byler, Katie Peterson, Alana Yurkanin, Pablo Obregon (Consulting)

Faculty Advisor: Christopher Costello

Client: Rare

Discover TURFs website


Assessing management strategies for the artisanal sector of the Peruvian anchoveta fishery


Group Members: Matias Caillaux, Miguel Cosmelli, Jessica Fuller, Yoel Kirschner, Tracey Mangin, Stephanie Thornton

Faculty Advisor: Steve Gaines

Client: The Nature Conservancy Peru



Bioeconomic Modeling of Salmon Farming Practices in Southern Chile


Group Members: Willow Battista, John Ellis, Kelsey Jacobsen, Lindsey Kaplan, Jennifer Price, Marisa Villarreal

Faculty Advisor: Chris Costello

Client: Wildlife Conservation Society


Sustainability Trajectories to Reform the Coral Reef Wildlife Trade


Group Members: Clara Cartwright, Stephanie Horii, Daniella Mazaroli, Amanda Nelson, Katherine Nixon, Ariadne Reynolds

Faculty Advisor: Steve Gaines

Client: Olazul

CORALREEF website (coming soon)


Spatial Planning and Bio-Economic Analysis for Offshore Shrimp Aquaculture in Northwestern Mexico


Group Members: Michaela Clemence, Frank Hurd, Heather Lahr, Asma Mahdi, Audrey Tresham, Jeffrey Young

Faculty Advisor: Steve Gaines

Client: Olazul

Additional Resources: Final Report , Project Brief , AQUAPODS website


Reducing the Risk of Vessel Strikes to Endangered Whales in the Santa Barbara Channel: An Economic Analysis and Risk Assessment of Potential Management Scenarios


Group Members: Sarah Betz, Karen Bohnsack, Renee Callahan, Lauren Campbell, Sarah Green,  Kate Labrum

Faculty Advisor: Chris Costello

Client: NOAA's Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary; NOAA's National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS), Southwest Region, Protected Resources Division

Additional Resources: Final Report , Project Brief , WHALES website


Economic Viability and Sustainable Management of a California Red Abalone Fishing Cooperative


Group Members: Kristen Bor, Heather Hodges, Ariel Jacobs, Dan Ovando, Josh Uecker

Faculty Advisor: Chris Costello

Client: California Abalone Association

Additional Resources: Final Report , Project Brief , ABALONE website


Pathway to Self-Funding: A Case Study on the California Commercial Spiny Lobster Fishery


Group Members: Lauren Hess, Philip Johnson, Theresa Karasek, Samantha Port-Minner, Uthra Radhakrishnan

Faculty Advisor: Chris Costello

Client: California Lobster & Trap Fishermen's Association (CLTFA)

Additional Resources: Final Report , Project Brief , LOBSTER website



Photo credits from top to bottom: Sign: Rebecca Weeks/Marine Photobank; Boat: Alana Yurkanin; Anchovy: Jill Matsuyama; Salmon Aquaculture:Tom Crowley/Marine Photobank; Coral: Tony Montgomery/Marine Photobank; Aquapod: Jeff Young; Whale: Marcia Moreno-Baez/Marine Photobank ; Red Abalone: Joey Brookhart/Marine Photobank; Lobster: Ed Bierman