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Blowing up illegal fishing boats helps Indonesian fishers Michael Tennesen. Scientific American.
Industrial fishing occupies a third of the planet Sarah Gibbens. National Geographic.


Ocean Solutions: Reversing Overfishing University of California, Santa Barbara.
Cornered. Julie Cohen. UC Santa Barbara Current.
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How a tiny portion of the world's oceans could help meet global seafood demand Hally Froehlich & Rebecca Gentry. Scientific American .


Interview with Chris Costello: Environmental economist. Kimbra Cutlip. Global Fishing Watch Blog.
New research offers much-needed hope for our oceans. Chris D'Angelo. Huffington Post: Science.
Interview with Dr. Costello. Global Fishing Watch Blog.
How our favorite fish could recover in a decade. Brian Clark Howard. National Geographic: News.


Can 'balanced harvesting' really save the oceans? Matt Burgess. Davos World Economic Forum Agenda .
Thinking outside the box on fisheries management? Thing again. Claire Christian . National Geographic: Ocean Voices.
Sperm whales have local dialects, new study shows David Lusseau. The Conversation.
Sperm whales' language reveals hints of culture. Jane J. Lee. National Geographic: New Science in Brief.


Psst. Wanna buy a whale? Erik Stokstad. Science Magazine.