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Climate change is depleting our essential fisheries Sarah Gibbens. National Geographic.


Blowing up illegal fishing boats helps Indonesian fishers Michael Tennesen. Scientific American.
Industrial fishing occupies a third of the planet Sarah Gibbens. National Geographic.
When Conservation Backfires Ed Yong. The Atlantic.
"The blue paradox" published in PNAS Grant McDermott & Kyle Meng. Global Fishing Watch Blog.
A Blue Paradox Sonia Fernandez. The UCSB Current.
Blue Paradox Oregon Public Radio.


Can tourism trump tuna in Mexico? Kimbra Cutlip. Global Fishing Watch Blog.
How a tiny portion of the world's oceans could help meet global seafood demand Hally Froehlich & Rebecca Gentry. Scientific American .
Ocean Solutions: Reversing Overfishing University of California, Santa Barbara.
Cornered. Julie Cohen. UC Santa Barbara Current.


New research offers much-needed hope for our oceans. Chris D'Angelo. Huffington Post: Science.
Interview with Dr. Costello. Global Fishing Watch Blog.
How our favorite fish could recover in a decade. Brian Clark Howard. National Geographic: News.
Interview with Chris Costello: Environmental economist. Kimbra Cutlip. Global Fishing Watch Blog.


Sperm whales have local dialects, new study shows David Lusseau. The Conversation.
Sperm whales' language reveals hints of culture. Jane J. Lee. National Geographic: New Science in Brief.
Can 'balanced harvesting' really save the oceans? Matt Burgess. Davos World Economic Forum Agenda .
Thinking outside the box on fisheries management? Thing again. Claire Christian . National Geographic: Ocean Voices.


Psst. Wanna buy a whale? Erik Stokstad. Science Magazine.