People Affiliated with the Natural Marine Resources Research Area

Carol Blanchette
Associate Research Biologist, Marine Science Institute
My main areas of research are marine and community ecology, and my work has largely focused on nearshore marine ecosystems; rocky intertidal, kelp...
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Andrew Brooks portrait
Project Scientist, Marine Science Institute Director, Carpinteria Salt Marsh, UC Natural Reserve System
My principal research interests focus on the study of the population and community dynamics of marine fishes.
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Ann Scarborough Bull
Ann Scarborough Bull, Ph.D. Visiting Researcher in the Marine Science Institute University of California Santa Barbara Santa Barbara, CA. 93106 805-893-3835
A Southern California native, Ann was brought up on the ocean and worked as a deck-hand for her father during commercial fishing and charter boat...
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Research Biologist - Marine Science Institute
My research is broadly focused on marine conservation and reef ecology.  I currently work in both coral reef and kelp forest ecosystems studying...
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Portrait of Christopher Costello
Professor, Bren School
Christopher Costello is a professor of Environmental and Resource Economics at the University of California, Santa Barbara, USA, co-director of the...
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Carolynn Culver
Aquatic Resources Specialist/Research Scientist, California Sea Grant & Marine Science Institute
As a Sea Grant Aquatic Resources Specialist and UC Research Scientist my program focuses on conducting research and sharing information that...
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Kathy Foltz
Associate Professor, Department of Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology and Marine Science Institute and College of Creative Studies (Biology)
Our research efforts are focused on how eggs turn into embryos. How do sperm and egg interact? What is the precise mechanism of sperm-induced egg...
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Portrait of Steve Gaines
Dean and Professor, Bren School of Environmental Science and Management Professor, Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology
I am a marine ecologist who seeks solutions to a variety of conservation and management challenges by building better pipelines between innovations...
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Portrait of Gary Libecap
Distinguished Professor, Bren School and Economics Department, UCSB Research Associate, National Bureau of Economic Research Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford Senior Fellow, PERC
Open access resources, institutional remedies to over exploitation and reallocation  
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Portrait of David Lopez-Carr
Professor of Geography
I am a Professor of Geography at UCSB where I direct the Human-Environment Dynamics Lab. I received a PhD in Geography from the University of North...
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Milton Love
Research Biologist, Marine Science Institute
Dr. Milton Love is a research biologist at the Marine Science Institute, University of California, Santa Barbara. He has conducted research on the...
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Robert Miller
Assistant Research Biologist, Marine Science Institute
I am interested in benthic subtidal ecology, particularly community ecology and the role of primary producers in marine ecosystems. Off southern...
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Uta Passow
Research Oceanographer, Marine Science Institute
Education 1981  B.Sc. (Vordiplom) Biology, University of Freiburg, Germany1985  M.Sc. (Diplom) Biological Oceanography, University of Kiel,...
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Andrew Rassweiler
Assistant Research Biologist, Marine Science Institute
Dr. Andrew Rassweiler is a marine ecologist who combines field experiments, data analysis and mathematical modeling to address both basic and applied...
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Dan Reed
Research Biologist, Marine Science Institute Deputy Director, Marine Science Institute
My primary research interests pertain to the ecology on coastal marine ecosystems and the ecological and physical processes that structure them. Much...
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Portrait of Russell Schmitt
Professor of Ecology Department of Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology
My research interests focus on the ecological processes and mechanisms that influence dynamics of populations and communities, as well as their...
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Portrait  of Stephen Schroeter
Research Ecologist Marine Science Institute, University of California, Santa Barbara Adjunct Professor Department of Biology, San Diego State University
My research interests include the ecology of rocky intertidal and subtidal and coastal wetland habitats. A key element in much of the work is its...
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Portrait of Herb Waite
Professor of Biochemistry, Department of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology
A fundamental challenge in materials science is engineering durable adhesive bonds in a wet environment. Most synthetic adhesive systems suffer...
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Robert Warner
Professor of Marine Biology Dept. of Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology
My research interests are in three areas: Behavioral and Evolutionary Ecology: I am interested in the evolution of mating systems and life histories...
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