California Adaptive Fisheries Management


The Nature Conservancy (TNC) California Fisheries team works to promote healthy and resilient coastal marine ecosystems by developing adaptive, partner-based management solutions that support productive marine fisheries and communities.


California provides an ideal setting for learning about fisheries management in the developed world and testing the effects of alternative management strategies. California’s marine ecosystem is considered a global biodiversity hotspot, and nearly 16% of the state's waters are protected within a network of marine reserves. Due to its progressive fisheries legislation and the valuable scientific support that comes from an extensive network of academic institutions, the state of California has emerged as a leader in global fisheries management. Despite the leading role California has taken in pioneering effective fisheries reforms, the state's management agencies are both capacity- and resource-limited, and there is still a clear need for innovation in California’s fisheries sector.


Through its partnership with TNC California, SFG supports postdoctoral researchers and analysts working to develop solutions that promote more adaptive and responsive resource management for California fisheries. The research priorities of our collaboration include: advancing data modernization in fisheries management, exploring opportunities for fisheries experimentation, cultivating durable partnerships to support fisheries innovation and management, and driving adaptive management in California’s fisheries.


This project is a collaboration between The Nature Conservancy of California and SFG