A current challenge for resource managers is to develop approaches for balancing the costs and benefits of diverse human uses of ocean ecosystems. Below are resources with select SFG content as a downloadable 


  1. The Future of Food from the Sea. SeaWeb Seafood Summit. February, 2016. St. Julian’s, Malta. (Steve Gaines)
  2. Lessons from the Ocean. 2016 Bay-Delta Science Conference. November, 2016. Sacramento, California. (Steve Gaines)
  3. Global Fishery Prospects: Modeling & Management. Fisheries Research Institute, Zhejiang, China. December 6, 2016. (Chris Costello)
  4. Comparing Strategies for Fisheries Management. International Workshop on Fishery Management. December 8, 2016. Beijing, China. (Chris Costello)
  5. Collaborative Fisheries Economics Research. Zhoushan University. December, 2016. Zhoushan, China. (Chris Costello)


SFG Library

  1. SFG Overview
  2. Spacial Management for the TURF in Valdivia, 2014
  3. Bren Success Story - Galapagos Group Project
  4. Bren Success Story - An Ocean of Critical Protein
  5. Bren Success Story - Innovation on the California Coast
  6. Acquaculture & Wild Fisheries: Key Considerations and Best Practices
  7. Strategic Marine Planing Overview
  8. Reform, Investment and Risk in Indonesian Fisheries
  9. A Conversation About Aquaculture - Talks filmed at the Bren School June 2018