Science of Marine Reserves

SFG Principal Investigators Sarah Lester, Steve Gaines, and Chris Costello have been integral in the development of a booklet summarizing the latest scientific information about marine reserves, using case studies from all over the world.

Working together with over 20 authors from 12 countries, SFG participated in the synthesis of recent studies and data and the development of case studies. Sarah Lester contributed a meta-analysis with data from 124 marine reserves around the world to illustrate the ecological effects inside marine reserves.

The U.S. (available in English and Spanish) and international versions of the booklet were published in 2007. There is also a Latin American and Caribbean version (available in English and Spanish) published in 2008 and a European version published in 2011.

Please visit PISCO's website for more information or to receive a copy of the booklet.