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Sustainable Fisheries Group

Who We Are

group.jpgOur interdisciplinary team includes experts in fisheries, environmental economics, marine ecology, and conservation science.


What We Do

Costaboats_crop2.jpgWe develop innovative solutions to promote marine conservation and the economic prosperity of coastal communities.


Where We Work


We work with partners around the world to implement replicable, science-based solutions that can be scaled to make a global impact.

Video credit: Ian Creelman, Aliya Rubinstein and Morgan Visalli

Photo Credits: Hawkfish: Steve Gaines; Spearfisherman: Crow White; Rockfish: Gerick Bergsma 2010/MarinePhotobank; Belize City Fish Market: Jason Houston; Costa Rica boats: Sarah Lester; Coastal Village: Wolcott Henry 2005/MarinePhotobank